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ULTRA Sound Deadening
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ULTRA Sound Deadening
  HUSHMAT ULTRA Sound Deadening, Vibration Damping Material is formulated to eliminate the distortion caused by road, tire, engine and vibration and significanly improves sound quality. HushMat is the choice installation professionals worldwide. Ultra’s aluminum foil constraining layer and specially formulated, thin but dense, visco-elastic polymer sound deadener combine to reduce distorting vibration and noise over a wide temperature and sound frequency range. HushMat Ultra, through its proprietary chemistry provides outstanding damping, not “dampening” performance for firewall, floor, doors, roof, hood, wheel wells and trunk floor & quarter panel application. Click on our "How To" page above for detailed installation instructions. Ultra is available in either Silver or Black foil finish. Both colors provide you with the same outstanding performance.
damping pads sold in package of 10 12X12 inch sheets or package of 10 12X23 inch sheets
damping pads in (Black) quantity 10 12X12 inch sheets
damping pads in (Silver) quantity 10 12X12 inch sheets
damping pads in (Black) quantity 10 12X23 inch sheets
damping pads in (Silver) quantity 10 12X23 inch sheets
Damping and Seam Sealing Paste
HushMat Ultra H-2-O is great for damping those hard to reach areas inside the door frame and rear quarter panels and for sealing body panels and enclosures
Ultra H2O Paste
ultra H-2-0 tube damping /sealing paste air dry
Quiet Tape
Another HushMat innovation that makes the electronic installs easier. Get rid of the duct tape that dries up and falls off. Wrap or secure wire and cable with the ease of HushMat Quiet Tape. Quiet Tape is a soft, pliable foam tape. Adhesion is guaranteed.
Use quiet tape to secure wire harnesses and cables to door panels, floor, trim panels, back of the headliner and vehicle side walls.
1 inch X 20 foot roll of soft pliable form tape
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