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Detroit Suretrac
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  The Suretrac performs like an open differential under “normal” conditions, and automatically transfers torque to the wheel with better traction when conditions warrant. The Suretrac limited slip differential responds instantly to torque feedback, anytime, at any speed. Suretrac reduces one wheel spin-outs from disabling the vehicle and also limits shock loads on drive train components to extend their life. Suretrac transfers torque flow by combining conventional type differential components with additional friction packs. The special coated friction plates react to movement between the gears and the differential case. The wheel with the least traction is locked and power is transferred to the wheel that has the best traction. Two rugged and durable versions are available. The Suretrac GA series consists of standard type differential gears and spider shafts, a series of friction and reaction plates, and actuators. The plates are compressed by the actuators as they separate due to the ramp angle mesh with the spider shafts. The Suretrac GS series is similar, but doesn’t use actuators. The friction and reaction plates are compressed directly by the gear teeth separating forces. A great number of plates are used to achieve this traction control performance. Suretrac differentials complement Eaton’s rugged NoSPIN brand locking differentials and the reliable helical gear type Truetrac brand torque biasing differentials.
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